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The little things ...

We've thrown a wedding or 6. We get it. One visit to UPSTAIRSsjc and you'll know we want your special day to be everything and more.

We've paid attention to the little details that make a big difference between a converted hotel room and a space designed to make getting ready an event all its own!

... are the BIG things!**

  • ABUNDANT NATURAL LIGHTING! Hair & MUAs crave it! You wish for it! We have it!

  • Forgot your phone charger? No worries. We got you!

  • Wardrobe Malfunction? We have a nicely appointed emergency kit in the Bridal room!

  • Plenty of outlets + extension cords.

  • Chipped a nail and don't have a nail file? Got those too!

  • Need a little more air in addition to the HVAC? We gotta personal fan for that one person that can't do without it!

  • Have a music genre you'd like playing? Your wish is Alexa's command!

  • Want a special greeting on the TV monitor! Just send us your 16:9 ratio jpg!

  • Big on the scent of the room? Bring us your favorite Bath & Body Works wallflowers and we'll have them ready for you when you arrive.

  • Post-its, Pens, Tape, Scissors, Cordless Vac, Paper Towels, Lint Roller, etc.

  • STUFF YOU DON'T WANNA TAKE TO THE VENUE? We have a place for it. Just pick-up by:

    • Monday following your Weekend Rentals

    • Thursday for Weekday Rentals

  • Upon Request: Extra Folding Table, Easy-up Canopy for the deck.

  • Have a special request? Just ask and if we can, we'll make it happen.

** Items listed are included with all Full Suite Rentals. Mini Suite Rentals may not include all items listed.

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