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We believe in laying it all out there so that you can make an informed choice before you rent a space for one of the most important days in your life.


Please review the following terms & conditions prior to booking your rental. These terms & conditions are subject to change from time to time.


Be sure you are booking adequate time as well as space for your ultimate needs.  IF you are a gift-er of a space rental at UPSTAIRSsjc, please have your gift-ee review these terms and conditions.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We want to be sure you are comfortable will all expectations. Additional details available in your rental contract.


Hotel rooms for Hair and Make-up are ok but certainly not ideal! Check-out times, poor lighting, inadequate electrical outlets and if you're using your own wedding night room, the mess left behind!

We offer GREAT natural lighting, plenty of outlets, large open spaces, convenience + close proximity to area venues!!


UPSTAIRSsjc offers rental space for day-of Bridal Party hair & make-up, filming & photoshoot changes and other short term needs as a bridge between home and venue.

Because many local event venues have tight turnarounds &/or limited space, many brides & grooms find they simply need an alternative to getting ready at their venue. Additionally, many find that clearing out belongings from a poorly lit hotel room with limited electrical outlets while trying to get to that aisle on time can be inconvenient. 


Time limits and PAY in ADVANCE apply. 

1. On streets as per signage.

2. Parking Structure as per signage. 

3. Multi-modal Parking as per signage.

4. Other parking is available throughout the city.

Always PAY IN ADVANCE to avoid ticketing!!



Mini-Suite vs. Full Suite

Our "Mini Suite" is suitable for 1 - 10 people and is ideal for wardrobe changes. Exterior Deck available upon request.

Our "Full Suite" includes the Bridal/Dressing Room, large lobby, conference room & exterior deck. This is ideal for bridal parties plus hair & make-up artists. The Full Suite is suitable for up to approximately (30).


Vendors must be approved! It's quick and easy for them to do and all online!

Please don't show up with unapproved Vendors ... it makes it awkward for all of us.


You may begin loading in & your vendors may set up at the time your rental starts. Early load in by request.

You will be given the lock codes (24-48) hours prior to your rental. These lock codes are specific to your rental date/time. You will be responsible for securing your belongings at all times. This includes keeping doors & deck boxes locked when necessary.


ALL of your belongings must be removed from the interior spaces no later than the end time of your rental. For your convenience, you may use exterior deck boxes for later pick-up.


  • All items must be removed from the deck box by:

    • Monday following your rental for Weekend Rentals

    • Thursday for Weekday Rentals

  • The deck boxes are not water proof but are weather resistant. In warm weather, please do not place items which may melt in the box. In inclement weather, please take care to use plastic bags (provided) to protect your items.

  • Do not place food items in deck boxes.

  • While it goes without saying, DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. You will be charged for anything taken without permission.

Items which are not removed by the day listed above following your rental will be disposed of and/or donated unless other arrangements have been made in advance in writing/email. There is an automatic charge of $200 for deck boxes which are not cleaned out by the deadline. 

Deck boxes are located in an upstairs open area which can be accessed in the unlikely event of trespassers. We recommend removing your belongings at the conclusion of your off-site event. We are not responsible for the actions of trespassers. Use at your own risk.


You are welcome to bring in prepared food and drink. Rentals do not include food, drink nor ice.

Food &/or Drink are not permitted on carpeted areas. If you have booked only the Mini Suite, you will have to keep food & drink in the lobby or on the deck.

Food &/or Drink must be removed from the interior and exterior of the property by the end of your rental. At no time are food and drink to be left behind.


For your convenience, trash bins (marked 26755) are available close by in the covered trash enclosure behind the red building in the parking lot to the left of Hennessy's patio.


If you will be bringing your own alcohol in during your rental, we require Event Insurance which is reasonably priced. See link below.

If you already have Event Insurance or will be getting it for your main event, in most cases, you can add us as an "Additional Insured" at no cost to that policy. Our "Additional Insured" info will be in your Rental Agreement. 

However, If you will need your own policy, we have partnered with The Event Helper which makes it super easy to obtain your single day policy. Once you complete the online application process, a copy is sent to us automatically.

- Cooking
- BBQs

Open flames and/or smoking are PROHIBITED. LED candles are permitted.


No cooking of any kind is permitted, including BBQs, anywhere on the property.


Person's under the age of 18 must be supervised by responsible adults at all times while on property, especially when using the exterior deck.


At no time should any person of any age stand or lean over the deck railing.

Care should be used by all guests when using the stairs. Please Note: We do not have an elevator.


  • A Holding/Security Deposit is due at the time of booking.

  • $125 of the Holding/Security Deposit is non-refundable.

  • Your Holding Deposit becomes your Security Deposit which is subject to deductions for damage or excessive cleaning, etc. 

CANCELLATIONS: No cancellations within (8) weeks of your rental date. Your entire deposit will be forfeited if not cancelled prior to the (8) week mark. Cancellations made more than (8) weeks prior to your rental date are subject to a $125.00 charge which will be deducted from your booking/security deposit.


Prior to making your final payment, please review the space to be sure you have booked adequate time as well as the right package for your needs. Should you use the Full Suite but have only booked the Mini Suite, you will be charged accordingly.


All rentals must be paid in full no later than (2) weeks prior to the date of your rental.


PLEASE NOTE: UPSTAIRSsjc does not book same-day back-to-back rentals Friday thru Sunday. Because Full Suite Rentals are professionally cleaned after each rental, it is important for us to have adequate turnaround time. For this reason, please pay close attention to our cancellation policy.


A Holding/Security Deposit is required for all rentals. (see "Holding/Security Deposit" above).


Deductions from the Holding/Security Deposit will be made for: Beyond-normal-wear & tear breakage/damage to the property, locks, furnishings, equipment, etc. up to the actual replacement cost. This includes loss of property & damage to Bridal/Dressing Room carpeting. We will also charge you for unbooked space you used during your rental.


For damage/loss exceeding the amount of your Holding/Security Deposit, you will be charged.


CANCELLATIONS: No cancellations within (8) weeks of your rental date. Your entire deposit will be forfeited if not cancelled prior to the (8) week mark. Cancellations made more than (8) weeks prior to your rental date are subject to a $125 charge which will be deducted from your booking/security deposit.


Security Deposit Refunds will be issued within (14) business days of your rental date via the payment method originally used.


THREE (3) offices in the space are not available for rent and may be occupied during your rental.


For security purposes, the property is monitored by (24) surveillance cameras (audio & visual) in all areas EXCEPT the bridal & restroom. In order to maintain privacy in the bridal room, please be sure to close the draperies. 


1. Remove all personal property, food and drink from the interior space.

2. Utilize, if necessary, the exterior deck boxes.(see "Load Out" above)

3. Place trash in covered trash enclosure bin marked "26755" (located to the left of Hennessy's Patio)

4. Turn off all lights.

5. Close and Lock windows & front door.

6. Lower the deck umbrella, if applicable.

7. Enjoy your event!!

Please note: Our building does not have an elevator.
Terms & Conditions subject to 
change without notice.

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