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These Vendors have submitted their Vendor Application & current insurance to UPSTAIRSsjc

Please Note: Guests should personally check references, licensing, reviews, insurance, etc. UPSTAIRSsjc is not responsible for services provided by these Vendor(s). This list is provided as a courtesy to assist you in selecting Vendor(s) which may already be approved as well as those who may be helpful to you in planning your big day!


You are welcome to have yet-to-be-listed Vendor(s) apply by directing them to our Vendor Application.

Wild Lilac Designs - Stemless
Wild Lilac Designs - Sign
Wild Lilac Designs - Memorial Poem
Wild Lilac Designs - Chair Signs

Custom made wood signs and glassware

Palos Studio
Palos Studio
Palos Studio
Palos Studio


Poppy Rose Events - 4
Poppy Rose Events - 6
Poppy Rose Events - 7
Poppy Rose Events - 8
Poppy Rose Events - 5
Poppy Rose Events - 2
Poppy Rose Events - 1

Planner / Coordinator / Florist

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