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at Berrington Properties


Our Story

Berrington Properties has been in the San Juan Capistrano Downtown longer than we can remember. In 2014, the building was completely renovated from its original structure and is an integral part of this historic community.

UPSTAIRSsjc is conveniently located on an "island" surrounded by amazing local wineries, restaurants, wedding venues, and public parking lots just steps from the San Juan Capistrano Train Depot & Los Rios Street.

We recently discovered our Berrington Properties offices make the perfect off-site space for day-of wedding hair & make-up when Teri's daughter used the space for her local wedding. 


With an abundance of natural lighting combined with interior and exterior space for bridal parties, we decided to make it available for rentals. 

Flash forward:

UPSTAIRSsjc was born!

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